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Why Be Thankful? (Andy Mitchell) 11/20/16

You Can't Go to Heaven If... (Andy Mitchell) 11/20/16
God is in Control, part 2 (Byron Smith) 11/13/16
God is in Control, part 1 (Byron Smith) 11/13/16


Made In God's Image (Joe Greer) 11/11/16
Almost Persuaded (Joe Greer) 11/10/16
Preaching in Zimbabwe (Joe Greer) 11/9/16
The Choice of Lot (Joe Greer) 11/8/16
Faith Demands a Response (Joe Greer) 11/7/16
The Christian, Alcohol & Wisdom, part 2 (Joe Greer) 11/6/16

The Christian, Alcohol & Wisdom, part 1 (Joe Greer) 11/6/16
Fields White Unto Harvest (Joe Greer) 11/6/16


What You Can Do to Help the Gospel Meeting (Andy Mitchell) 10/30/16

What We Get In A Gospel Meeting (Andy Mitchell) 10/30/16

Who Can Count The Apples In a Seed? (Andy Mitchell) 10/23/16

Who Am I? (Andy Mitchell) 10/16/16

Faint Yet Pursuing (Andy Mitchell) 10/9/16

Do We Have Our Priorities Right? (Joshua Mitchell) 9/25/16

The Grace of God (Andy Mitchell) 9/25/16

The Crucifixion (Joshua Mitchell) 9/18/16

Ruth (Andy Mitchell) 9/18/16

Hannah (Andy Mitchell) 9/11/16

About this Question (Bryan Dockens) 9/7/16

Esther (Andy Mitchell) 9/4/16

Things Jesus Believed in Genesis (Andy Mitchell) 8/28/16

Exhortations To Young People (Andy Mitchell) 8/21/16

Lessons From Hard Times (Andy Mitchell) 8/21/16

A Hardened Heart (Victor Rousseau) 8/14/16

What is Most Important in Life (Byron Smith) 8/14/16

Cain And Abel (Joshua Mitchell) 7/31/16

Unfruitful Vs. Fruitful Hearers (Andy Mitchell) 7/31/16


Hell (Stand Adams) 7/29/16

Strange Things Heard About The Church (Stan Adams) 7/28/16

The Home (Stan Adams) 7/27/16

Two Kingdoms (Stan Adams) 7/26/16

David and Goliath (Stan Adams) 7/25/16

The New Testament Church (Stan Adams) 7/24/16

Portraits of a Christian (Stan Adams) 7/24/16

Leadership in Nehemiah (Stan Adams) 7/24/16


Giving Honor to Whom Honor is Due (Titus Smith & Josh Mitchell) 7/17/16

Invitations in the Bible (Victor Rousseau & Andy Mitchell) 7/17/16

Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage (Byron Smith) 7/3/16

Walls of Jericho (Andy Mitchell) 7/3/16

Did You Sin Last Week? (Zack Youngblood) 6/26/16

Love (Mike Youngblood) 6/26/16

Changing The Things I Can (Andy Mitchell) 5/15/16

"Blessed Is The Man That Endureth..." (Andy Mitchell) 5/15/16

Who Wrote The Bible? (Terry Benton) 5/8/16

Greater Is He That Is In You (Andy Mitchell) 5/8/16

The Reproach of Christ, part 2 (Andy Mitchell) 4/24/16

The Reproach of Christ, part 1 (Andy Mitchell) 4/24/16

From Reluctance to Readiness (Andy Mitchell) 4/17/16

"Brethren, Pray For Us" (Andy Mitchell) 4/17/16

The God Who Sees, part 2 (Andy Mitchell) 4/10/16

The God Who Sees, part 1 (Andy Mitchell) 4/10/16

Boasting (Jay Dixon) 3/30/16

As Much As It Depends On You (Andy Mitchell) 3/20/16

What God Has Offered (Andy Mitchell) 3/20/16

The Value of the Local Church, part 2 (Andy Mitchell) 3/13/16

The Value of the Local Church, part 1 (Andy Mitchell) 3/13/16

The Chief Shepherd (Andy Mitchell) 3/6/16

Keep Yourself (Andy Mitchell) 2/28/16

Signs of Apostasy (Andy Mitchell) 2/28/16

The Bodie Island Lighthouse (Byron Smith) 2/21/16

Rising From Failures (Andy Mitchell) 2/21/16

Personality Traits of Christians (Andy Mitchell) 2/14/16

Things We Ought Not Say (Andy Mitchell) 2/7/16

More Things We Ought To Say (Andy Mitchell) 1/31/16

Things We Ought To Say (Andy Mitchell) 1/31/16

The Language of Defeat (Andy Mitchell) 1/17/16

God Calls Busy Men to Perform Great Tasks (Andy Mitchell) 1/03/16


Your Confidence (Andy Mitchell) 12/20/15

Miracles of Christ (Andy Mitchell) 12/20/15

Nothing Impossible With God (Andy Mitchell) 12/06/15

Build the House (Andy Mitchell) 11/22/15

When the Law Was Counted As a Strange Thing (Andy Mitchell) 11/15/15

God's Family (Andy Mitchell) 11/15/15


Looking Forward To Heaven (Joe Greer - Sermon in Song) 11/13/15

When The Roll Is Called (Joe Greer) 11/12/15

Lessons From Africa (Joe Greer) 11/11/15

Mixing With the World (Joe Greer) 11/10/15

Beware of the Hungry Lion (Joe Greer) 11/09/15

Forgiveness (Joe Greer) 11/08/15

Do We Leave the Ninety and Nine? (Joe Greer) 11/08/15

Now I Represent Jesus (Joe Greer) 11/08/15


Answering Arguments Against Baptism (David Wheeler) 10/25/15

The Prodigal Sons (Connie Adams) 10/11/15

Backsliding in the Book of Jeremiah (Andy Mitchell) 10/11/15

Matthew 16:24 (Andy Mitchell) 10/4/15

Blessed Are They (Andy Mitchell) 9/20/15

Satan (Andy Mitchell) 9/13/15

Together (Andy Mitchell) 9/13/15

Kinds of Followers (Andy Mitchell) 9/6/15

Twisting The Scriptures, Part 2 (Andy Mitchell) 8/30/15

Twisting The Scriptures, Part 1 (Andy Mitchell) 8/30/15

Casting Your Pearls (Andy Mitchell) 8/16/15

Some Things You Can't Put a Price Tag On (Andy Mitchell) 8/16/15

A Wise Son (Andy Mitchell) 8/9/15

Holy Women (Byron Smith) 8/2/15

"Be not ye therefore like unto them..." (Andy Mitchell) 8/2/15

Preaching Christ (Andy Mitchell) 7/26/15

How Can We Win More Souls? (Andy Mitchell) 7/26/15

The Bible (Zachary Youngblood) 7/19/15

"Sin No More" (Andy Mitchell) 7/12/15

Fishers of Men (Caleb Wheeler) 7/5/15

Courageous, Committed, and Bold (Andy Mitchell) 7/5/15

How to React to Legalized Sin (Andy Mitchell) 6/28/15

"If The Foundations Be Destroyed..." (Andy Mitchell) 6/21/15

"How Do I Know I'm Saved?" (Andy Mitchell) 6/14/15


Change Is A Slow Process (Rodney Pitts) 6/12/15

God Is Love (Rodney Pitts) 6/11/15

A Sermon I Preached 18 Years Ago (Rodney Pitts) 6/10/15

Salvation By Grace Through Faith (Rodney Pitts) (6/9/15)

Breaking Out Of Our Comfort Zone (Rodney Pitts) (6/8/15)

Slaves to Christ (Rodney Pitts) 6/7/15

Abraham: Living By Faith (Rodney Pitts) 6/7/15

Breaking Down Strongholds (Rodney Pitts) 6/7/15


Church Discipline, part 2 (Byron Smith) 5/31/15

Salt of the Earth (Jim Thayer) 5/31/15

Church Discipline, part 1 (Byron Smith) 5/24/15

"And Yet There Is Room" (Andy Mitchell) 5/24/15

"As For You, My Son..." (Andy Mitchell) 5/17/15

Knowing But Not Doing (Andy Mitchell) 5/17/15

"Let your heart therefore be perfect..." (Andy Mitchell) 4/26/15

"David encouraged himself in the LORD..." (Andy Mitchell) 4/26/15

The Day Alone (Jim Thayer) 4/19/15

David and Goliath (Jim Thayer) 4/19/15

What it Means to Know God (Andy Mitchell) 4/12/15

A Generation That Knows Not God (Andy Mitchell) 4/12/15

Christ & the Church in Ephesians (Andy Mitchell) 4/5/15

Who Will God Use? (Jim Thayer) 3/29/15

The Tact of Abigail (Jim Thayer) 3/29/15

Rules For Spiritual Success (Andy Mitchell) 3/22/15

"A Place Of No Want" (Andy Mitchell) 3/22/15

When Reason Contradicts Revelation (Jarrod Jacobs) 3/8/15

Reminders In Deuteronomy (Andy Mitchell) 3/8/15

Severity In Numbers (Andy Mitchell) 3/1/15

Lessons from Moses and the Rock (Andy Mitchell) 2/22/15)

How to Enter the Promised Land like Caleb (Andy Mitchell) 2/22/15

Refreshing Christians (Andy Mitchell) 2/15/15

God's Plan For Holiness (Andy Mitchell) 2/8/15

Forgiveness (Andy Mitchell) 2/8/15

Antichrist (Andy Mitchell) 2/1/15

When Your Children Ask (Andy Mitchell) 1/25/15

Deliverance in the Book of Exodus (Andy Mitchell) 1/25/15

The 1000 Year Reign (Jim Thayer) 1/18/15

The Kingdom (Jim Thayer) 1/18/15

Matthew 24 (Jim Thayer) 1/18/15

Foundational Lessons from the First Book (Andy Mitchell) 1/11/15

Examples of Deception in Genesis (Andy Mitchell) 1/4/15


What Matters Most (Andy Mitchell) 12/28/14

Without Him (Andy Mitchell) 12/28/14

Why Pray? (Andy Mitchell) 12/21/14

Cleansing The Inside of the Dish (Andy Mitchell) 12/14/14

When Attendance Displeases God, part 2 (Byron Smith) 12/7/14

When Attendance Displeases God, part 1 (Byron Smith) 12/7/14

Troublers Of Israel (Andy Mitchell) 11/30/14

A Fresh Start (Andy Mitchell) 11/30/14

We Have a Saviour Who Is... (Andy Mitchell) 11/16/14

What To Do About Worship Services (Andy Mitchell) 11/2/14

What Hath The Lord Answered? part 2 (Andy Mitchell) 10/26/14

What Hath The Lord Answered? part 1 (Andy Mitchell) 10/26/14

More Questions the Lord Asked (Andy Mitchell) 10/19/14

Questions the Lord Asked Men (Andy Mitchell) 10/19/14

Attendance (Byron Smith) 9/28/14


They Spit In His Face (Mike Richardson) 9/26/14

Put Your Finger On The Passage (Mike Richardson) 9/25/14

I Shall Not Be Moved (Mike Richardson) 9/24/14

Facts, Faith, Feelings (Mike Richardson) 9/23/14

Is God Unfair? (Mike Richardson) 9/22/14

Things The Devil Knows (Mike Richardson) 9/21/14
Are We Afraid of Grace? (Mike Richardson) 9/21/14


Hating What God Hates (Andy Mitchell) 9/07/14

Things God Is (Andy Mitchell) 8/30/14

Wisdom Toward Outsiders (Andy Mitchell) 8/17/14

Daily Religion (Andy Mitchell) 8/17/14

Back To School (Andy Mitchell) 8/10/14

What Manner Of Persons Ought Ye To Be? (Andy Mitchell) 8/3/14

The Foursquare Life (Fred Liggin) 7/27/14

Walking (Fred Liggin) 7/27/14

Charismatic Confusion (Andy Mitchell) 7/20/14

Why Send For Peter? (Andy Mitchell) 7/20/14

Attitudes toward Modesty (Andy Mitchell) 7/13/14 - Technical issues

Work (Jim Thayer) 7/6/14

The New Covenant is Like a New Marriage (Andy Mitchell) 6/29/14

Resolve To Live A Holy Life (Andy Mitchell) 6/22/14 PM

Confessing Sins (Andy Mitchell) 6/22/14 AM

Last Words (Derek Long) 6/20/14

Repentance (Derek Long) 6/19/14

Answering Religious Errors (Derek Long) 6/18/14

Where did all the denominations come from? (Derek Long) 6/17/14

Two Paths (Derek Long) 6/16/14

Creation and the Age of the Earth (Derek Long) 6/15/14

Matthew 24-25 (Derek Long) 6/15/14


Why I Attend All The Services (Andy Mitchell) 6/8/14

You Be The One (Andy Mitchell) 6/1/14

If You Had Been The Ethiopian Eunuch (Andy Mitchell) 5/25/14

Great Peace Have Those Who (Andy Mitchell) 5/25/14

The Fruit of the Spirit (Andy Mitchell) 5/18/14

The Works of the Flesh (Andy Mitchell) 5/18/14

Sin Lies At The Door (Andy Mitchell) 5/11/14

Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All (Andy Mitchell) 5/4/14

Can I Preach What You Practice? (Andy Mitchell) 4/20/14

What the Lord's Supper Says (Andy Mitchell) 4/20/14

Going The Way of All The Earth (Andy Mitchell) 4/13/14

What Will You Do With Jesus? (Andy Mitchell) 4/13/14

Why Are We Not Winning More Souls? (Andy Mitchell) 4/6/14

The Kind of Mind We Need (Andy Mitchell) 3/30/14

Jesus Prayed (Andy Mitchell) 3/23/14

Returning Good For Evil (Andy Mitchell) 3/23/14

Because He Lives (Andy Mitchell) 3/16/14

Israel and Us (Andy Mitchell) 3/9/14

Who is Influencing Who (Andy Mitchell) 3/9/14

Becoming Like Children (Andy Mitchell) 3/2/14

Things That Cannot Be Done (Andy Mitchell) 2/23/14

They Walked With God (Andy Mitchell) 2/16/14

Look At What Faith Can Do (Andy Mitchell) 2/9/14

Real Faith (Andy Mitchell) 2/2/14

How the Ephesians Were Saved (Andy Mitchell) 1/26/14

The World's Most Famous Thief (Andy Mitchell) 1/26/14


Holiness (Andy Mitchell)

1 Corinthians 13 (Andy Mitchell)

The Messianic Kingdom (Andy Mitchell)

God Chose the Foolish Things (Andy Mitchell)

From Mess to Success (Andy Mitchell)

Which Commandments? (Andy Mitchell)

Barriers to Believing (Andy Mitchell)

Why Some Leave the Lord (Andy Mitchell)

Questioning God (Andy Mitchell)

We Have Such a High Priest (Andy Mitchell)

Great Examples to Follow (Andy Mitchell)

Plumbline of God (Andy Mitchell)

Keep On (Andy Mitchell)

Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge (Andy Mitchell)

"A Very Lovely Song" (Andy Mitchell)

Renewed Like Eagles (Andy Mitchell)

The Rock of Offense (Andy Mitchell)

The Judgment (Andy Mitchell)

Some Trust in Chariots (Andy Mitchell)

Household Religion (Andy Mitchell)

Lessons from Noah (Andy Mitchell)

Public Reading of Scripture (Andy Mitchell)


Jesus: same yesterday today forever (Andy Mitchell) 

Building the church inside and out (Andy Mitchell)

Silent Sermons (Andy Mitchell)

Hating Evil (Andy Mitchell)

Lessons From Noah (Andy Mitchell)

Attitudes Toward God's Word (Andy Mitchell)

Inconvenience (Andy Mitchell)

Jonah (Andy Mitchell)

John 9 (Jimmy Petrousse) - March 11, 2012

Converts or Disciples (Jimmy Petrousse) - March 11, 2012

Fighting Against God (Andy Mitchell)

Elijah's Prayer (Andy Mitchell)

What Think Ye of Christ (Andy Mitchell)


Eph. 6:10-24  The Armor of God (Andy Mitchell)

Eph. 6:1-9  Other Relationships (Andy Mitchell) 

Eph. 5:21-33 The Marriage Relationship (Andy Mitchell) 

Eph. 5:1-20  Children of Light (Andy Mitchell)

Eph. 4:17-32 Walking in The Spirit (Andy Mitchell)

Eph. 4:7-16  The Maturity of The Church (Andy Mitchell)

Eph. 4:1-6 Unity of the Spirit (Andy Mitchell) 

Eph. 3:14-21 Paul's Second Prayer (Andy Mitchell)

Eph. 3:1-13  Read and Understand (Andy Mitchell)

Eph. 2:11-22  Reconciled in Christ (Andy Mitchell)

Eph. 2:1-10  Raised in Christ (Andy Mitchell)

Eph. 1:15-23  Paul's Prayer (Andy Mitchell) 

Eph. 1:1-14  Spiritual Blessings In Christ (Andy Mitchell) 

Ephesus - Introduction to book of Ephesians (Andy Mitchell)


God Revealed in the Scriptures (Andy Mitchell)

The Believer of John 3:16 (Andy Mitchell)

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Andy Mitchell)

Paradoxes of the Cross (Andy Mitchel)

Naaman and Saving Faith (Andy Mitchell)

The Fear of the Lord - Proverbs (Andy Mitchell)  


Psalm 84 (Andy Mitchell)


Test All Things (Andy Mitchell)


Two Paths (Andy Mitchell)


Bible Study part 2 (Byron Smith)


Bible Study part 1 (Byron Smith)


God's Commandments Are For Our Good (Andy Mitchell) 


The Conversion of Saul (Andy Mitchell)


A Christian EVERDAY (Andy Mitchell)


Heaven (Andy Mitchell) 


Born Again (Andy Mitchell) 


A Gut-Check (Andy Mitchell)

Is Your Religion Yours? (Andy Mitchell)

Work of the Holy Spirit (Marc Nations)

Bearing Fruit (Jason Pieratt)

Traditions #2 (Andy Mitchell)

Traditions #1 (Andy Mitchell)

Little Ones (Marc Nations)

Names DO Matter (Andy Mitchell)

The Christian Life (Byron Smith)

The Authority of God (Gary Hurley)

Fasting (Andy Mitchell)

Is Hell Annihilation or Eternal Punishment? (Andy Mitchell)

The Suffering of Jesus (Byron Smith)

The Authority of Christ (Marc Nations)

What Does God Say About Divorce? (Andy Mitchell)

What Does God Say About Remarriage? (Andy Mitchell)

Is Hell a Literal Place? (Marc Nations)

1 Samuel 15 (Andy Mitchell)

The Resurrection (Andy Mitchell)

How Do You Worship (Mo Hafley)

Humble Obedience (Alan Piner)

Old Testament Examples Of Authority (Andy Mitchell)



Money Matters (Stan Bullington)

What About Debt? (Stan Bullington)

Financial Management (Stan Bullington)

The Virtuous Wife, Her Money and Family (Stan Bullington)

The Importance of Firstfruits (Stan Bullington)

Transform Your Life (Stan Bullington)



Revive Us Again (Dan Chaney)

Different Choices (Dan Chaney)

God on the Front Porch (Dan Chaney)

Philippians 3 (Dan Chaney)



The Land Promise Fulfilled (Marc Nations)

There Are No Lost Tribes of Israel (Marc Nations)

The Kingdom of Christ (Marc Nations)


Not Passed This Way Before (Tim Sutton)

The Book of Philemon (Tim Sutton)

A Christian's Attitude Toward Riches (Tim Sutton)

Suffering (Tim Sutton)



Instrumental Music (Bill Feist)

Walking With God (Bill Feist)

Salvation (Bill Feist)

Writing God's Law on Your Heart (Bill Feist)

On March 2, 2009, a debate was held at the church building here in Spruce Pine, NC on the A.D. 70 doctrine. Kenny Curd affirmed the A.D. 70 doctrine while John Cripps denied. This debate was set up and held in one day, so both participants only had a few hours to prepare.

Kenny Curd's First Affirmative (30 Minutes)

John Cripp's First Rebuttal (30 Minutes)

Kenny Curd's Second Affirmative (20 Minutes)

John Cripp's Seconf Rebuttal (20 Minutes)

Question & Answer Session (25 Minutes)